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James A.

Google Reviewer

I’m so glad I found this clinic. I was in a dark place physically and mentally prior to this and when I finally started my treatment, the results were life saving. I have been invigorated. My provider helped me dial my levels; and listens to all my questions and concerns. Methodical and meticulous in managing levels. Highly recommended!!!

Michael H.

Google Reviewer

Extremely professional and caring organization. They are well equipped to meet anyone's needs with direct and detailed information. Always a pleasure to work with and receive care . Michael Holloway is a professional who listens and communicates well with his patients. I would put my care in no one else's hands.

Nathan E.

Google Reviewer

10 out of 10 would recommend this clinic. I’m consistently on the road or tied up with work. Dr Holloway is extremely responsive, knowledgeable and a great communicator . Countless after 5pm text or calls, with unprovoked follow up text! This is the third clinic I've been to, and I can’t see going anywhere else.

Eddie H.

Google Reviewer

Prepping for my last Ironman race at the age of 53 and his guidance helped me improve my performance, address inflammatory and arthritic issues, as well as, my recovery time between training sessions. Very accessible and quick to respond. Would definitely recommend if you’re older and looking for a little edge to combat the effects of aging.


Google Reviewer

Absolutely wonderful service. Answers any questions or concerns you have with confidence.

Nahtan D.

Google Reviewer

Very easy and very helpful. U Dee's told my needs and goals and we are happily working toward them.

John P.

Google Reviewer

Mr. Holloway is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend going to him if you are considering TRT.

Sevan O.

Google Reviewer

I’m so glad I found this clinic. Very professional, listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. This experience has greatly improved my quality of life. I’m very grateful.

Geremy E.

Google Reviewer

Professional & Personal service, Dr. calls you personally to follow-up. Easy to get a hold of if you have questions or concerns.

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