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Boost Your Vitality with Top-Rated Men’s TRT Clinic in Eastern NC

Rediscover your vitality and energy with Men’s TRT Clinic in Eastern North Carolina, your trusted partner for men’s health in Eastern North Carolina. Don’t let age, hectic schedules, or the weight of daily responsibilities keep you from living your fullest life. Our mission is to help men reclaim their youthful stamina, enhance libido, and achieve overall wellness.

Led by seasoned healthcare professional Michael L. Holloway, Men’s TRT Clinic provides an array of comprehensive services such as Testosterone Therapy, Peptide Therapy, Low-T Treatments, ED Treatments, Weight Loss, and Health Counseling. Leveraging over three decades of healthcare experience, Michael has built a reputation for guiding men towards their peak health and well-being.

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Explore the life-changing benefits of our services by watching our enlightening video, featuring Michael and heartfelt testimonials from his clients. Discover the distinct difference Men’s TRT Clinic can make in your journey towards enhanced health and vitality.

Build Muscle Mass

Build muscle mass, and your health soars.

Defeat ED

Erectile Dysfunction does not have to be inevitable.

Boost Energy

Tired of the spare? You can lose the Dad Bod with a little help.


Our solutions for your physical and mental health


Who knew that low testosterone could be the underlying cause of your exhaustion and weight gain? We can help you get back to you.

Peptide Therapy

Peptides = Health. If you have enough peptides flowing through your system then you are sleeping well, healing fast, and feeling great.

Erectile Dysfunction

Hey, it happens to everyone. But if ED has become your nemesis, let’s find out why and see if testosterone can help you defeat ED.

Weight loss

You eat right and workout consistently but that spare tire is still hanging there. It could be low testosterone. Let’s get that tire rolling away.

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It’s Personal.

You can expect your TRT experience to be professional, stress-free, and private.

We take the time to meet with you to fully understand your needs and then offer treatment solutions that are tailored to you.

No guesswork.No surprises. You’ll understand the procedures, the timetable, and the expected outcome.

On-site Testing
Customized Solutions
Confidential Treatment
Testosterone Therapy
Peptide Therapy
Health Counseling

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What Our Clients Say

James A.

Google Reviewer

I’m so glad I found this clinic. I was in a dark place physically and mentally prior to this and when I finally started my treatment, the results were life saving. I have been invigorated. My provider helped me dial my levels; and listens to all my questions and concerns. Methodical and meticulous in managing levels. Highly recommended!!!

Michael H.

Google Reviewer

Extremely professional and caring organization. They are well equipped to meet anyone’s needs with direct and detailed information. Always a pleasure to work with and receive care . Michael Holloway is a professional who listens and communicates well with his patients. I would put my care in no one else’s hands.

Nathan E.

Google Reviewer

10 out of 10 would recommend this clinic. I’m consistently on the road or tied up with work. Dr Holloway is extremely responsive, knowledgeable and a great communicator . Countless after 5pm text or calls, with unprovoked follow up text! This is the third clinic I’ve been to, and I can’t see going anywhere else.

Men_s_TRT_Clinic-Michael_Holloway profile

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Michael L. Holloway

Michael has over 30 years of dedicated healthcare experience and understands your challenges. He has had the privilege of directly caring for thousands of clients, guiding them to achieve their full health potential and a higher sense of well-being. He is ready to assist you as you strive to reach your health goals.

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